Opening: Director of Information Technology

Opening: Director of Information Technology
Director of Information Technology

Job Description

The Director of Information Technology (DIT) acts a business process mentor for all activities of the IT team. The primary role of the DIT is to establish and maintain a high performance, experienced, multi-disciplined team of information technologists with skill sets aligned to the technological needs of MUFON. The DIT and the IT team will provide particular expertise in the area of website design which is becoming a critical part of MUFON’s marketing strategy.

The DIT and Team shall also be responsible for the administration of MUFON systems and websites including support of administrative computing, networking, user services, telecommunications, and any other areas necessary to maintain operational status. Additionally the DIT shall pay particular attention to the security of MUFON systems and websites to protect MUFON and its operations against IT risks, including unauthorized access to information, data integrity problems, loss of processing capability, and poor service levels.

The DIT will be responsible for formulating, implementing, and maintaining an SEO program to improve MUFON’s ranking. The DIT will provide regular and periodic SEO activity and ranking reports to senior staff. In this regard, the Director of Information Technology will coordinate with Support Services as necessary to enable the development of such reports by the Support Services team.

When requested, the DIT shall act as a systems architect to prepare and deliver system designs that ensure key business strategies and processes are driven by systems that enable change, growth and flexibility. Designs shall include associated cost estimates for equipment and software purchase and/or lease, equipment upgrades, etc.

The general responsibilities of the Director of Information Technology include:
•    Commercial Quality Website design
•    Developing system designs which support internal and field operations
•    Systems and website maintenance, administration, and security
•    Identifying technology related needs and associated solutions
•    Development & implementation of successful SEO strategies to improve ranking
•    Assisting other teams as necessary to provide technology and data reporting support
•    Preparing technology reports for senior staff
•    Proposing hardware and software solutions which satisfy MUFON’s business & investigative needs
•    Participation as a member of the Business Process Committee

Candidates must be an active MUFON certified field investigator to apply.

To apply for this position send your resume to ditresume@jobs.mufon.com. Be sure to also include in your resume your current and previous responsibilities at MUFON.
This position closes midnight 21 April 2019