Opening: Director of Research

Opening: Director of Research
The Director of Research is responsible for identification, sourcing, and coordination of research resources in support of MUFON operations and as directed by the Executive Director. This includes MUFON research projects as well as promoting research in organizations outside of MUFON including but not limited to universities, corporations, private research groups, and individuals. This is a voluntary position.

Research resources shall include such elements as administrative staff, subject matter experts, research materials and documents, library and information stores, and other resources necessary to accomplish assigned tasks and projects.

MUFON operations are focused in support of its non-profit mission which is “The scientific study of UFO’s for the benefit of humanity.” Highlighted areas of operational support for the DOR include:

Timely responses to public media announcements
Position statements on certain ufological and scientific theories
Trends and conclusions drawn from analysis of MUFON’s investigative case data stores
Opinions regarding individual case details as requested by members of staff
White papers focused on scientific topics related to current theories of space exploration, ufology, and technology
Other projects and tasks as directed by the Executive Director

The DOR shall possess the experiential knowledge and accreditation necessary to support the prestigious image of this position commonly held by the public, scientific, and academic communities. This position requires a PhD.

Interested applicants shall submit their resume to hq@mufon.com