Opening: Director of Training

The Director of Training (DOT) acts a business process mentor for all activities of the training team. The DOT is responsible for the development, delivery, and assessment of learning across MUFON ensuring that there is consistency with MUFON’s core competencies and goals.
The DOT is responsible for the assessment and identification of MUFON’s training needs and for the development and sourcing of educational programs & tools to satisfy those needs. The DOT shall be experientially familiar with, and at all times adhere to, the principles of industry best practice for education during all phases of course development and delivery.
The Director of Training has primary responsibility for coordinating and approving the delivery of training programs targeted at all MUFON members and staff as opposed to those programs developed by local chapters for delivery to their own local members. With consideration given to programs currently in development and on a production schedule, the DOT will assist chapter staff in the development of educational programs if so requested.
Training teams that may be established from time to time shall be organized according to the principles of a high performance team as defined by MUFON with particular emphasis on member accessibility and individual empowerment.
The minimum responsibilities of the Director of Training include:
•    Development of educational learning paths and courses with the goal of improving investigator performance and investigation quality
•    Assisting Support Services as requested to develop data sources and collection methods which will enable measurement of the effects of education on investigator performance and investigation quality
•    Developing courses of study for MUFON University
•    Coordination with information technology administrators for content placement on MUFON University
•    Coordinating development and delivery of curricula and courses for the annual field investigator training session at MUFON symposiums
•    Providing train-the-trainer guidance to team and guest instructors presenting at MUFON sponsored training events
•    Producing, archiving, and using standard presentation templates at all MUFON training events
•    Coordinating an annual field investigator boot camp training event
•    Coordinating with Support Services to produce learning documents which fulfill needs as requested by other functional teams
Participate as a member of the Business Process Committee

Candidates should submit their experience resume to dotresume@jobs.mufon.com