Opening: Journal Editor

HQ is currently accepting applications for an energetic, organized, team leader to coordinate the publication process for the monthly MUFON Journal. This is a paid position. Successful candidates must be experienced in the entire publication process from conception of article content to delivery of camera/print ready masters. Candidates must be a MUFON member.

The Journal Editor (JE) reports directly to the Executive Director or Chief Operating Officer. The JE has overall responsibility for the quality, content, and timely publication of the MUFON Journal (Journal). Additionally the JE shall assemble and act as coordinator for various teams associated with the publishing process.

The JE shall be responsible for upholding the mission and scope of MUFON and the Journal. He/she will select papers, articles, content, and news that provide new, original, and important contributions to knowledge for our subscribers. The JE may write editorials and solicit content on special issues and may assign guest editors for these special issues.

Interested candidates should send their resume to communications@mufon.com .

General Duties:

The general duties and responsibilities of the Journal Editor (JE) include but are not limited to:

Producing a professional, high quality, monthly publication known as The MUFON Journal containing UFO sighting reports, “letters to the Editor”, and other articles of interest to the MUFON membership

Completing and delivering a camera / print ready Journal to the printer not later than the 26th of each and every month which conforms to the requirements of the printer both in lead time and substance

Ensuring that the published content is consistent with MUFON’s mission and goals

Representing the interests of the Journal when operating as a member of a larger communications team

Assembling a Journal editorial team composed of members whose skill sets directly relate to the publication process and acting as the primary consultant to the team on all phases of the publishing process

Soliciting for content from internal and external authors

Utilizing subject matter experts as peer reviewers of content submitted for publication

Acting as final arbiter regarding acceptance of content when submitters, team members, or subject matter experts differ in their evaluations of content material

Insuring that content is accurate and complete including illustrations, references, and contact information for the authors

Maintaining a running cache of Journal issues 3-months in advance of the current issue date to at least 90% complete status only
on a MUFON server account established for this purpose

Attending conferences and other events including the annual International UFO Symposium sponsored by MUFON in order to speak about the purpose and values of the MUFON Journal

Immediately reporting to MUFON headquarters any significant problems that might affect the quality or timely release of the Journal